The greatest story ever told, the greatest day in history..
While shepherds watched their flock by night, while wise men studied the stars of the sky; much mystery was in everything they saw, much astonishment at the greatest gift of all; to mankind. Following the brightest star, journeying to behold in awe and wonder; the dawning of a new era. 

While rushing winds brushed upon the skin of men, flowers of the gardens and trees of the forests danced to its rhythm; the waves of the oceans shook the sand of the earth, the birds of the sky flew higher; a sign of the Messiah.

Wise men bringing gifts and shepherds coming to bow; all in worship of this newly born Royale. True royalty came at an unexpected time in an unexpected way; born not of a household of gold and crowns; born without a silver spoon in his mouth. Although born the King of all kings, we beheld His Highness in a stable; His Majesty in a manger.

Born to overthrow the greatest of kings yet born the Prince of Peace. Coming with might, yet not seeking the mighty but the lowly. Coming to be our master yet only to wash our feet. Like No other ruler that has ever been and no other ruler that will ever be; the only One in History to return again with more Power. 

Hail the God wrapped up in human flesh; all hail King Jesus, born the incarnate Deity 👑

“… and of His kingdom, there will be no end”. Luke 1:33.




We have become lord of ourselves, forgetting from where we emerged.

Living independently, thinking the world is enough for us.

The darkness has penetrated the light  

And taken away its shine.

The people are so many, their voices

 crowd out Yours.

Our lives, money, success and relationships are so important, 

That You do not matter anymore.

Our mountains have become so high that You are now out of sight.

Our giants have become so strong that Your Might is acknowledged no more.

Our desires and pleasures have ruled,

Making our hearts filthy before You.

Our cities have become so fortified that we’ve forgotten about Heaven.

Our lives have been built on so much motivation 

that we have left out the counsel of the Word.

We have so taken refuge in men, 

That we have let go of our stand.

We have so gloried in ourselves that we have forgotten our source. 

A perverse generation! 

Our wickedness has surpassed us. 

How then, can You be so merciful?

What is our lives before thee that You should save it?

We are nothing but dust that have missed The Way;

Mere clay that has become purposeless; forgetting our use,

Vessels so full of ourselves that there is no room to contain You.

But this amazing Grace has stepped in,

The Victory over sin.

Love unconditional

To lead us back to Your throne,

To lay us again at Your Feet;

That every moment that fleets,

Every passing day,

Our Lives would be made fulfilled

And with You we will be filled.

By Your Ever-saving Grace,

In Your never-changing love

We will abide,

Until when we become Your bride

And forever with You dwell,

When damned with evil will be hell.




It starts with you, counts for you but does not wait for you.

For when you move with it, somehow you stop and look back. You realize how far you’ve gone;

Sometimes it’s the misdeeds you’ve done,

Sometimes it’s good times gone.

But It goes ahead, leaves you behind; it cares not how slow you move. 


It has flown like an eagle with a thousand wings; it has waited for no one. 

You wish you could go back to savor good times or correct your wrongs;



Has gone on it’s way; it’s too busy running, it increases it’s pace.

It gives no chance for the past, has no room for waits.


It belongs to no man; no you do not have it!

Soon it will be gone and see it, you will no more.

Whilst it is here, use it; try to make what you must out of it

Because when it is far past, you might think back and realize

What a waste of it’s presence you’ve made,

Indeed what a waste you’ve made of 


That you do not have!

ON CALVARY’S TREE – The Story of Our Conversion.

It’s Easter!! This story is so relevant and precious. Do sit back and enjoy, I really hope it will mean something to you!☺️
Bound up in shackles so heavy that we could barely move,

In bondage of this one we called master – sin; subject to whatever he would have us do, not minding the consequences.

He became our nature; what we lived for, as we knew no other

Until one day, this man came knocking at the door of our dungeon, said His name is Jesus. We could not come out to answer, for the ruler who kept us imprisoned would rather have us detained.

“What do you seek?” the ruler asked the stranger.

“To save and set these free so they can come with me”, said He.

“These ones cannot be freed, for a burden is upon them which they must bear”, insisted the ruler. He decided what should happen to us for we resided in his territory.

But this stranger replied, “Whatever burden they must bear be upon my shoulders and whatever the cost for their freedom, I will surely pay”.

Amazed at the authority with which this stranger spoke and stopping to think for a moment, the ruler then defended, saying “nobody is able to pay the price for these people for the cost is too high and the consequences involved, severe.”

“Take me instead I say, for neither are these ones able to pay for themselves, but I will be a ransom for them; I will stand in for them, indeed I alone am able to do it.”

Enraged, the ruler summoned his strong men and they seized this kind stranger, for nobody dared come into his territory and leave scot free. They stripped Him of His robes and beat Him with rods. His innocent blood gushed like streams of water and every burden that was laid upon Him set someone free. All our shame, all our pain, all our fears, all our foolishness, they threw upon Him and heavy as they proved, He bore them for us in His body. As they threw each burden upon Him, they screamed the name of the person it belonged to for it should have been their responsibility but it had become His.

This poor, innocent man wept bitterly and as the whole incident was taking place, we the prisoners only watched and scorned for we knew Him not but He was about to buy us; this stranger was about to take us away from the only life that we had known – our wretched life of slavery.

For we were ignorant slaves, not acknowledging that we served a low-life, rather no-life. Being full of ourselves we built up selfish pride, thinking we were right in ourselves; so foolish the pride that its height surpassed us.

As they beat the stranger we jeered and though we weren’t able to pay the price for ourselves, we mocked Him for boasting of His ability.

Yet this man, in all these did not utter a word of complaint and we noticed His tears were not for His pains but for those, because of whom He bore them – if only they would understand. As He wept, He repeated the names of each slave, one after the other. He wanted to make it clear that He was setting each person free, for He thought of us not as a whole but as one wretched sinner after another. We could tell for some reason that His heart was breaking. Could this have been love? We wondered in amazement, asking “How can a stranger love those who know Him not, much less think of doing such for them? How could He tell if they will come with Him afterwards?”

After He was beaten, He was taken to a lonely, deserted place and there was hung on a tree, so high we could see Him from afar. Alone and helpless He was – or so we thought.

When the ruler saw what had transpired, he called his friends and drank wine with them; for he had thought that he had gotten rid of the stranger and could still detain us slaves.

As the nights passed, some of us could not sleep for all we could think about was the stranger that we hung on the tree, helpless. On the third day after the stranger was tortured and hung, we went up to see the stranger but all we could find was an empty tree, for there was nobody hanging on it. We wondered what had happened to the stranger’s body; we could have sworn it was hanging there the night before. But turning around to leave, we were astounded as we beheld the stranger standing there with us in clean robes and a bright smile; how His wounds were washed, we know not. So we stood there amazed, in awe of what a sight was before us and when the ruler found out about this, he came and stood before the stranger to see for himself. Shocked and defeated, he fell to the ground. We could have helped him up but we were still in awe, unable to comprehend anything that happened.

The stranger then called out to all the slaves with a loud voice, “follow me, I have paid your debts, I have borne your burdens, I have defeated your ruler. You are mine now, I have bought you back.” As He spoke these words, our eyes were opened for we had been blind all along, not being able to recall that this stranger had been our master long before we wandered away and became slaves of the sin we found on our adventure. We were too preoccupied doing what we thought was good for us and serving the wrong ruler, who although promised us many things, still oppressed us severely. We did not mind because we were too obsessed with our selfish desires, too interested in what he had to offer us. We had to pay for these things with the last drop of our blood, our very lives! But this ‘stranger’, whom we called so, did it for us.

When we realized all these we fell on our face, ashamed and broken but He softly urged us to get up for He had taken all our shame away. We tried to repay Him but we had nothing with which to pay, His sacrifice was priceless! All He asked of us was total submission to Him as our new ruler. Weeping bitterly for our foolishness, we brought everything that we had and laid it at His feet, in assurance that He was able to take care of all that concerns us.

As we did so, our shackles were fallen off from us and oh, what freedom! We had no more burdens to carry. That wall of pride within us was torn down so that His character of love could be built up in us; so we could be transformed completely to be like Him – clean, beautiful within and free; His new possession.

So we followed this stranger and soon recalled His name – Jesus!

Since then we have never been in regret, for this new life is all we’ve really needed. How did we miss out on such a beautiful thing for so long?





















Is it really true that He loves me?
This God, the reason for all existence?
This Being, the Maker of all things?
It’s what I do not understand;
These things, I don’t seem to comprehend.
What exactly did I do?
I denied Him. I failed Him. I walked away from Him.
Then how is it, that despite all these things, He loves me?
I hear He suffered; I hear He died.
I hear it was difficult to carry His cross;
I hear He fell but considering how much He loves me, He got up and kept going so He could finish His work for me to live.
What greater love have we known than this?
Love is when a man is hurting and bleeding and crying and enduring pain, even dying because He wants His friend to live and can’t watch the same happen to him.
Love is when a God took the place of a man in suffering and death while the man hates Him.
Love is when God forgives a repentant sinner who more than once disregarded Him.
Love is when a God meets a man in distress and promises to never leave him not forsake him despite all his troubles.
Love is when Jesus says nothing, not our troubles, not our sins, not our failures, not our fears, not the enemy; nothing will ever stand in between His Love and us.
No matter how much we have rejected Him or what we’ve been through in life, the stand remains that His Love for us never fails.
“I’m the One who’s loved you all your life” – Jesus.
If we must love any day, anytime, anywhere, we should love because we know we are loved and we are extending the same love to others (John 15:12).
Let’s remember to love Jesus back for this amazing love He has loved us by loving others too; spreading love in the air, everywhere we go! Now, check this out


He’s farther down the road and I’m so sure that’s Him.
I see His eyes sparkling like the stars even though I’m far away;
I see His hair waving in the breeze;
I see His robe whiter than snow,
With a gold sash around Him.
His smile…OMG! I cannot comprehend and it’s sooo clear even from a far distance.
He’s calling me, I’m sure; I see His arms open wide and His fingers going back and forth.
This makes me leap for joy! Then i begin to draw closer to Him.
The road is all clear for a while and soon enough, my legs begin to move even faster and I begin to get more excited.
It was unconsciously that I stumbled over a little stone but I kept going.
I saw an even bigger stone but i managed to dodge it.
A time came when i began to see stones much bigger, then little rocks, then bigger rocks, then hills and mountains.
They blocked every corner i tried to get through.
Then the pathways became even smaller, for the stumbling blocks had taken over the rest of the space.
Wherever I tried to run, I saw another one. Then I began to slow down for fear of hitting against anyone.
As I moved forward, I looked ahead but couldn’t see my friend anymore.
Wasn’t He still there? I asked.
I didn’t know the way anymore, for my friend wasn’t in sight.
I searched and searched and tried to go on but my strength couldn’t carry me any farther.
Then I started to consider giving up. Wasn’t it better for me to find my way back to where I first started the journey than to continue going to where I didn’t know?
Then I turned my back. It was going to be an easier journey back because I’d been there before.
Just when I’d taken two steps on my way, I saw a bright light; it was coming from behind me. This reminded me of my friend and I wept for I wanted to see Him but I continued.
Two steps I took again and the light shone still but I kept moving.
Another two steps and the light shone even brighter.
Then I decided to look behind me. I saw that the light had been shining more than ever and I got the feeling that it had to be my friend calling again.
When i turned to look at the way I was going, I realized I would have to make my way through so many hills, rocks and stones. Then I looked to the direction of the light.
It was then I realized I had gone too far from where I started and it was just a short distance to my friend; I only needed the courage to get through a few more hills.
But how could I go back, after He was so ready to receive me and I had given up on Him? I still loved him.
But the light kept shining and I had a conviction that He had not given up on me; He was still waiting patiently and eagerly for me to come to Him.
I lept for joy inside of me. As I turned to continue the journey to see my friend and walked carefully through the small paths, the light shone even brighter; it got closer and closer.
When I was almost tired, I lifted up my head and behold, I saw my friend in front of me. He had drawn closer to me Himself.
He placed His arm on my shoulder, He smiled. Then He said, “you did well for deciding to turn back; don’t be disappointed, I still love you. I never stopped”.
Seeing that i was tired and my robes were wet, torn and dirty, He took out a robe, one just as white as His and put it on me. Then He said, ” I have made you like me”.
He then wiped my face and my wounds, carried me through the rest of the journey, gave me a special room in His house and treated me to something very nice.
When I was full and felt revived, I went to say Thank You to Him. Before my words could be completed, He took me in His arms and gave me a BIG HUG. I couldn’t stand it. My heart just melted in His as I returned the hug ❤
I knew I had come home! 😊

Friends, this is just talking about how we face many obstacles on this journey of faith to meet our Lord. Even when we give up on Him and when we don’t trust Him anymore, He loves us and still wants us. He finds us when we are lost, accepts us just as we are and cleanses us. He makes us like Himself, Holy and spotless; justified. He treats us as His own and shows us Love that has absolutely no bounds! 😃